Search Results: July/August 2011

A Chinese adoptee contemplates being a "model minority"

Who You Calling a Tiger-Mom?

As the parent of an Asian child, I am constantly called upon to help my daughter navigate between diminished achievements and heightened failures.

Getting the adoption call can be stressful and exciting

Planning for “the Call”

Are you prepared to receive the news that you've been chosen? If not, here are six things we wish we had known, before we became a family of three.

Three adopted children, engaging in one of several common play scenarios

The Games They Play

Along with tea parties and superheroes, our children may incorporate themes like birth and adoption into their play.

best adoption memoirs

Readers’ Favorite Adoption Memoirs

Once again, we turned to the Adoptive Families community to compile our Fifth Annual Best Adoption Books List. Hundreds of you recommended your favorite adoption memoirs on Adoptive Families Circle. These favorites reached the top of the list.

conspicuous family

“Being Noticed as a Transracial Family”

For once, the barista at Starbucks didn’t recognize me. He shouldn’t. I’m there only about once a month. The thing is, he remembers me. Well, not me so much as us. This is one of those things that come with being the white mother of a black child. Comments, questions, stares—those I expected. The strange experience of just being visible—not so much. I didn’t realize how invisible I was until I wasn’t anymore.

How to survive the road to adoption.

Surviving a Winding Road to Adoption

How parents-to-be can survive failed expectant mother matches, changes to country programs, foster placements that do not lead to adoption, and other potential heartaches along the way.