Search Results: September/October 2011

School Projects: Empowering Adoptees to Self Advocate

Stepping Back at School

As your child progresses through elementary school, she should take more responsibility for handling tricky assignments. Here's how to hand off the reins.

A child learns about adoption birth stories.

“Was I Alone in the Hospital?”

Seeing where she was born—where she stayed with her birth mom and where we met her—gave my daughter greater confidence in her adoption story.

Testing a baby for vision and hearing problems

Healthy Eyes and Ears

Your newly adopted infant has a lot of information to take in. Proper screening will ensure that he's tuned in.

Wearing the Adoption Cape

I used to be all about saving the world–and my kids–from stupid "adoption-speak." Then I learned that being a mom isn't about the heroics.

AF explains what to expect when adopting an older child.

Adapting Expectations

When you adopt a toddler or an older child, be prepared to encounter some surprising behaviors. Experts and parents share their strategies and successes.

AF readers and AFC community members sound off about diversity at school.

Classroom Consciousness

Finding the right school for your child is a personal, and sometimes emotional, process — especially when considering diversity and academic excellence.