10 Expert-Devised, Baby-Approved Ways to Form a Loving Bond

Looking for ways to bond with your newly adopted baby? AF shares our best tips and tricks!

Picture of someone feeding their baby close to them, one of the ways to bond
  1. Wear the baby in a chest carrier as much as possible so he can hear your heart beat.
  2. Associate food with comfort by holding, rocking, and singing to your baby while you feed her.
  3. Become your baby’s primary provider of care, meeting all her needs yourself, to build trust. For now, encourage friends and relatives to leave the hugs and kisses to you.
  4. Maintain your baby’s familiar routines as much as you can.
  5. Make a tape of your voice singing and play it at nap time, bedtime, or in the car.
  6. Bathe together to promote skin-to-skin contact.
  7. Keep any clothes or blankets your baby came with for their soothing smell.
  8. Delay visits to shopping malls and other stimulating places for a few months.
  9. Daily massages can increase a child’s comfort with your feel and your smell.
  10. Let a nurse hold your child for an injection, then you comfort her afterwards.

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