How Did You Word Your Adoption Announcement?

Did you create a custom announcement, or adapt a pre-printed template? There are so many questions when sharing the news of your new family member. Our readers explain what they included.

adoption announcement

Birth Mom’s Blessing

“I asked my son’s birth mother if she wanted to be included in his adoption announcement and she said yes. The cards I made said that she placed him in our arms with love.”
—Mary Beth Bochner, California

From the Heart

“After struggling with traditional templates and wording, I finally wrote what I felt: It is with pure joy and gratitude that I welcome my daughter, Jaden Hope, into my life.”
—Nancy Paley, New Jersey

Merry Adoption!

“We used blank Anne Geddes cards. On the left we wrote, ‘At last… Our prayers have been answered,’ and on the right was our daughter’s information. We adopted her just after Thanksgiving, so we sent out announcements instead of Christmas cards that year.”
—Karen Rehwinkel, Missouri

Baker’s Dozen

“My husband and I already had nine biological children when we adopted four kids from foster care. I created a card that looked like a donut box, included pictures and information about each of our children, and proudly announced that we now had a baker’s dozen.”
—Debbie Kartchner, Utah

Starry Celebration

“We found some rubber stamps with the Chinese symbols for sun, moon, sky, and star. We decorated the front of the announcement with the symbols, and wrote, A new star has appeared in our sky. The inside had her photo and information. I used the stamps to decorate the envelopes, too.”
—Laura Hinkley, Indiana

Pretty in Pink3

“I found a quote that I loved: ‘In our hearts, she was already ours; we simply had to bring her home.’ I printed the quote along with our daughter’s birthdate, birth city and country, and the date we brought her home on blank cards, with the outline of Guatemala behind the text. I was so excited to finally have a girl that I printed all of the words in pink!”
—Cindy Swatek, Missouri

Journey of Faith

“The inside of my handmade announcements read as follows: ‘With a joyful heart, I announce the final adoption of my beautiful daughter, Nivianna Faith. Faith began this journey and love will sustain.’ I included her birthdate, the date we began the adoption process, and the date she joined our family.”
—Sharon, Florida


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