Baby Gift Registries

Readers share their baby gift registry experiences—and tell us which companies have adoption-friendly options.

Which baby gift registry is best? Our readers share


Reviewer: Anne, mom of Lea (3, China)

Making it personal: Since my daughter was 14 months old at the time of adoption, many baby-related registries did not apply to us. allowed me to choose items from many different websites and create my own “centralized” registry. I set up an introduction page, with a photo from my daughter’s referral. (I wasn’t asked for the birthdate, which I was happy about.) Plus, it was a cinch to add links to any products I found online—and convenient to have it stored on one page. I was able to list several adoption-related books, as well as Asian toys and dolls. There was also an option to accept donations.

The practical stuff: When you look at the registry, you see a photo of the item, with a link to the retailer’s website. But friends and family were not required to order from the website—if they found the product somewhere else for less, they could still mark it as “purchased.”


Reviewer: Amanda, mom of Joshua (1, U.S.)

Making it personal: We entered our birth mother’s due date when we registered online ( There was no way to specify that this was an adoption. Our son wasn’t born on his due date, so I tried to change the date to his birthday after he was born, but I could not figure out how. Also, Target closed the baby gift registry a month after the due date passed. We held a second shower, three months later, for which I would have had to open a new registry.

The practical stuff: My experience with Target has always been that they have quality products at good prices, and their baby items were no exception. Everyone was pleased with the store’s policies—when our crib went on sale, about a week after my sister-in-law purchased it, Target refunded the difference.


Reviewer: Susan, mom of Davis (10 mos., U.S.)

Making it personal: We registered at Buy Buy Baby ( before we were “matched” with our son. I had had rough experiences ordering gifts for friends from other registries, but Buy Buy Baby is owned by Bed, Bath and Beyond stores, where I’m a loyal customer. I had to enter a due date when I created the registry, but I could update it easily online.

The practical stuff: I was generally pleased with the selection. I got several messages from friends, who said they were surprised by the great service and ordering process. The company was very accommodating with returns—even with a baby monitor that we had obviously opened and tested. I’m on their mailing list and I receive tons of coupons now!


Reviewer: Rachel, mom of Elizabeth (10 mos., Russia)

Making it personal: My child is a toddler, and I registered with Babies “R” Us ( because of the variety of items they offer—I chose several items that would not be on a traditional newborn registry. The website uses the term “expected arrival date” instead of “due date,” and it has a box to check to indicate that it is an adoption. I was able to change the arrival date easily online.

The practical stuff: The ordering process is a breeze, and the items were all high-quality. I know they have a good return policy, but I haven’t had to use it—everything was perfect.

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