Best Apps for Adoptive Parents

With reader recommendations and a few picks of our own, we've compiled a list of the 10 best apps for adoptive families.

A couple investigating some of the best apps for adoptive parents


The Adoption App
iOS, $4.99; Android, Free
Created by an adoptive mom who felt overwhelmed by the paperwork and must-dos as she navigated an international adoption, The Adoption App is a mobile organizer designed to guide you through every step the process. From homestudy information to customizable checklists for both domestic and international routes, this app will keep you on top of all of the to-dos on the way to parenthood.

Android, $1.99
Celebrate milestones and count the days to big events using Lilypie’s colorful tickers on your mobile phone, blog, e-mail signature, or social networks. If you set up a countdown with the expectant mother’s due date after being matched, some parents warn that it can be hard if you have a failed adoption and have to restart. Amanda also said, “I found keeping track of the days wasn’t always healthy.”

Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar
iOS, Free
Unlike most pregnancy trackers, Hello Baby focuses more on the baby’s development, complete with detailed images, than on the physical changes pregnancy brings to the mom-to-be. “I used a pregnancy tracker so I could follow along with the birth mom after we were matched. It made me feel like I was a part of the process, watching my child develop.” —KIMBERLY

iOS, Android; Free (optional paid upgrade)
Jibbigo is a speech-to-speech and speech-to-text translation app that lets you have a real-time conversation in another language. With over a dozen languages to choose from — including Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese — this app can help you navigate international adoption travel.

MotionX GPS Drive
iOS, $0.99
Traveling last-minute to another state for your child’s birth, then counting the days as you wait for ICPC clearance, causes enough anxiety. Save yourself the trouble of fumbling with printed directions. “I did a lot of research because I knew I’d be traveling to a huge, unfamiliar city, and not all navigation apps are created equal. MotionX GPS Drive not only helped me get to an address I typed in, but showed restaurants, gas stations, and other spots along the way. It comes with 30 days of free voice commands.” —AMANDA


Baby Sign and Learn
iOS, Android; Free (optional paid upgrade)
Signing is a great way to build that parent-child bond. It can give internationally adopted children, even pre-verbal babies, a way to communicate as they internalize the basics of a new language. The app’s dozens of videos feature adorably animated babies. Your child will love to sign along with the pint-sized instructors.

Sweet Baby
iOS, Free
Sweet Baby is a customizable digital scrapbook, featuring a special adoption section. Share the text, video, audio, and photos you capture for each of your child’s landmark moments as a quick update for the birth family and other loved ones, then export pages as PDFs to print a complete book.

Total Baby
iOS, $4.99
“I use Total Baby to track my infant foster daughter’s schedule: feedings, sleeping, early intervention services, visitations, and so on. The best thing is that I am able to print out a graph and see trends. It’s been extremely helpful in letting her case worker know how she responds to visitation in an objective manner.” —CHRISTI

iOS, Free
Capture, share, and organize your child’s artwork with Canvsly. The easy-to-use app allows you to share your child’s creations with birth parents, friends, and family. You can easily convert the precious masterpieces into keepsakes and gifts—great for birthdays and holidays!

First Then Visual Schedule
iOS, $9.99
Use this app to provide positive behavior support for your child. Create fully customizable schedules and checklists with images and voice memos. First Then is excellent for toddlers, children learning a new language, and those who thrive in a structured environment. “My daughter has difficulty with transitions and following directions. This app totally changed our lives for the better, and helps her feel safe and in control.” —ABIGAIL

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