Webinar Replay: Creating Your Adoption Profile

An adoption expert / adult adoptee offers guidance on the most important elements of creating the profile your agency or attorney will share with expectant mothers considering adoption. View the webinar replay now.

Learn about creating your adoption profile in a webinar on February 10, 2016

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When you adopt in the U.S., you must create an adoption profile (also called an adoption portfolio or “Dear Prospective Birth Mother Letter”) that your agency or attorney will share with expectant mothers considering adoption to help them select a family. When it comes time to write yours, you may find yourself staring at a screen wondering how to begin. How should you describe yourself? Your partner? What colors are best for your design? What photos should you include? How many?

In this webinar, an expert draws on her experience as an adoptee, a parent who has traveled the adoption journey herself, and extensive interviews with birth parents to answer these questions and more to help you create an authentic, ethical profile.

The Adoptive Families Creating Your Adoption Profile Webinar took place on Wednesday, February 10, 1-2pm ET.



A recording of the webinar will be available free of charge for one week here. (After that, it will be available for individual purchase.) All webinar replays are always free for Adoptive Families site members.)

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