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Navigating the Teen Years, Part 2: Maintaining Your Emotional Connection

Teens don’t tend to talk with their friends about their feelings about being adopted, being teased, or other tough topics. But if you have a healthy, trusting relationship, they’ll open up to you. An adoption therapist advises on maintaining an empathic connection with your teen. | BY KATIE NAFTZGER, LICSW

Personal Essays

“5 Things I Wish My White Parents Knew”

Transracial adoptees often grow up knowing that their families love them, but not truly feeling included or close to them. Here’s what would have helped in raising a black child in a white family and a racist world. | BY REBEKAH HUTSON

“Seeing the Bigger Picture in Adoption”

This mom used to see adoption from only one viewpoint—that of the adoptive parents. But working in the field before becoming an adoptive mother opened her eyes to how complex and bittersweet adoption can be. | BY KRISTY HARTLEY-GALBRAITH


My Best Domestic Adoption Travel Advice

Parents share their best advice with fellow prospective parents who are preparing to travel to adopt a baby within the U.S.

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