"How We Afforded Assisted Reproduction"

Real families share how they covered the expenses associated with IVF, donor egg conception, gestational surrogacy, and more.

how to afford ivf
  • “Insurance covered our initial IUIs and IVF, but we had to cash in investments, and received some financial help from family, for the final egg donor process. For our first cycle, we split the eggs with another (anonymous) family to reduce our costs, but we had to do a second cycle and didn’t split that time. Our total cost was about $60,000.”
  • “We refinanced our mortgage.”
  • “We sold some assets and took a loan from the bank. We’re Canadian citizens, and our government provided tax relief of about 25 percent of the total cost upon our filing taxes. We are fortunate to have well-paying jobs and have already paid off the loan.”
  • We were gifted a total of $17,000 toward the total cost of egg donation. The remaining $13,000 was funded by our savings.”
  • “Years of savings allow us to meet the cost of $100,000 and counting for gestational surrogacy with egg donation.”

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