Sperm Donation Fast Facts

Is sperm donation right for you? Outlined in chart form here, the basics including intended parent restrictions, average cost, donor identity and more.

sperm donation

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Intended Parent (IP) Restrictions

[/content1] [content2] Single women, lesbian couples, heterosexual couples, and gay couples who don’t have viable sperm may use donor sperm. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Average Cost

[/content1] [content2] Each round of insemination with donor sperm can cost between $200 and $800; more than one round is often needed. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Genetic Connection(s)

[/content1] [content2] The child will have a genetic link to the mother, or to neither parent if sperm donation was used with donor egg. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Single vs. Multiple Births

[/content1] [content2] When a woman undergoes treatment with ovulation induction medication and is inseminated, the incidence of multiple births is slightly higher than in unassisted conceptions. Multiple pregnancies can carry significant risk. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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[/content1] [content2] If the intended mother can carry a pregnancy to term, she can experience pregnancy and delivery. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Medical Procedures

[/content1] [content2] The intended mother must monitor for ovulation, and may take ovulation-inducing medications. The intrauterine insemination (IUI) is generally quick and only mildly uncomfortable. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Donor Selection

[/content1] [content2] Most sperm banks provide demographic, medical, and social background about the donors, and intended parents may select their donor. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Donor Identity

[/content1] [content2] Most sperm donation from banks is anonymous, although some donors may agree to some future contact with child. Also, some donors may be friends or relatives of IPs. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Ongoing/Future Contact

[/content1] [content2] Donor may have agreed to future contact with child or child’s parents, but not all banks offer this option, and not all donors, when offered this choice, agree. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Mental Health Consultation

[/content1] [content2] Psychological consultation is recommended, but most programs don’t require it. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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Legal Consultation

[/content1] [content2] If using donated sperm from a bank, usually no legal consult is needed. When the sperm is from a known donor, legal consultation is strongly recommended. [/content2] [/two_column_block]

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