Table of Contents: Jan/Feb 2011



The Evolving Conversation

Should parents initiate talk about adoption or wait for their child’s questions? Sometimes you lead, say the authors, and sometimes you follow.

Adoption and Social Media

Facebook has dramatically changed the way information is exchanged in adoption. Experts and parents offer advice on navigating social media.

Baby Care and Bonding

Expert answers to all your common questions about sleeping, feeding, bonding, and more, with an eye to facilitating a strong attachment.

Personal Essays

Our Stages of Labor and Delivery

I wasn’t able to give birth to my child. But my complex emotions during the adoption process mirrored those felt by biological women undergoing labor.

Pulling Back in Open Adoption

After a bump in the relationship with our daughter’s birth mother, we’re learning lessons about love, patience, and acceptance.

More Than Meets the Eye

Telling strangers about my children’s origins, their histories, and how we ‘got them’ through adoption is not obligatory. Stories belong to those who live them.

Open Adoption Is

For our family, open adoption is peach roses, scrambling to buy bottles, and feeling out our relationship with the birth mom.

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Finding a Pediatrician

How to find the right doctor to care for your newly adopted child.

Preschool: Preparing for a Sibling

Adding a family member is always a joyful event. Here’s how to make the transition.

Elementary: Heritage Travel

Taking a homeland trip , whether it’s to China or to Chicago, can help your child understand who they are and who they can be.

Middle & High School: Support Groups

As teens work through their adoption stories and the search for identity, being around other adoptees can help.

The Experts

Birth Fathers’ Rights

Your child’s birth father is an integral part of his adoption story, and has rights that need to be taken into account.

Explaining Tough Birth Parent News

Bad news about a birth parent — like relapse or a medical issue — can be difficult to explain to your child.

Discipline Strategies That Work

Our older child adoption expert explains what works, and what is sure to fail when disciplining your child.

Managing Dry Skin

If your child’s skin is red, dry, and itchy, he could be suffering from eczema.



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