Table of Contents: Mar/April 2011



AF Picks: Best Adoption Blogs

We tallied your votes — and included some of our own favorites — to compile this list of the best adoption blogs of 2011. Did your favorite make it?

Birds, Bees, and Adoption

“Where do babies come from?” Explaining reproduction is tough for all parents, and it’s even more complex for us. Here’s help.

The Skin We’re In

It’s not easy to teach your child that people may fear him because of the color of his skin—but it’s something parents through transracial adoption must do.

Surviving Infertility

What it’s normal to feel, even after you adopt and fall in love with your child.

Personal Essays

Everything Counts

When you’re waiting to adopt, you count each day that passes. But how should I count my daughter-to-be, who is already a part of me?

Both Sides Now

How did my feelings about using donor eggs change since having my first daughter? It’s complicated.

Sole Purpose

In this personal essay, one mother shares how her daughter’s love of shoes led to a conversation about race and adoption.


It’s Tax Time!

Record Low in International Adoption

Policy & Practice

International Adoption Update

Cost and Timing of Adoption: The Latest Results Are In!

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Bonding While You Work

After longing for a child for years, parting ways from nine to five can be painful. How can you grow your attachment?

Preschool: Our Family Adoption Story

You may be nervous to initiate adoption discussions with your preschooler, but for her sake (and yours!), it’s essential that you start as early as possible.

Elementary: Is Culture Camp for Us?

What will my child learn and talk about at camp? What would our family take away from a week attending together?

Middle & High School: When Therapy is in Order

Sometimes, a teen’s behavior calls for outside help. What to watch for and how to find the right adoption therapist.

The Experts

FMLA and Adoption Leave

All about the Federal Family Medical and Leave Act: Who is eligible, what protections are provided, and how you can secure your leave.

Preparing for Parenthood

After waiting to adopt for so long, preparing for parenthood can seem daunting. Here’s why you must get ready, physically and emotionally, before the baby arrives.




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