Table of Contents: Nov/Dec 2011



A Photo Finish!

The nine winning photos for Adoptive Families’ sixth annual cover photo contest have cornered the market on cute!

Scrapbooking Made Simple

A new child joining your family is a treasured event. Capture the journey leading up to it, and the precious moments after, using these tips to create a memory book.


A Korean adoptee talks to several others, getting their views on coming of age, dating, and more.

Personal Essays

Letters to Noelle

As my letter-writing to my son’s birth mother has evolved, so has our relationship grown.

From Heartbreak to Hope

When our first adoption unraveled at the eleventh hour, I wasn’t sure that we could move on.

The Rainbow Baby

When my wife and I finally got the referral to adopt our “Rainbow Baby,” it went beyond our wildest dreams.

Pocket Rocks

When my daughter arrived in her new home, she was overcome by fear and apprehension. It took a leap into the wilderness to help her recover from her trauma.

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Showered with Love

Deciding the how and when of celebratingand sharing the news ofyour new arrival can be tricky. Here’s help.

Preschool: Routines That Last

Preschoolers love rituals, so give them thoughtful holiday traditions to love again and again.

Elementary: Spinning Stories

An adopted child may imagine life with her birth parents as “the road not taken.” As she looks for answers, parents can help by supporting exploration and sharing what they know.

Middle & High School: “I Just Don’t Fit In”

Tween adoptees may walk away from their cultural heritage, family outings, and even their family as they try to fit in with peers.

The Experts

Formula Facts

When choosing a baby formula, parents can be overwhelmed by choices — soy, regular, toddler — use the following guidelines to help you and your child’s doctor pick the best one for your infant.

The Facts Behind Food Challenges

It’s not uncommon for an older child to arrive in his new family with feeding problems hoarding, stealing, or gorging. Our expert explains how to help.

Explaining Donor Conception

How can parents explain assisted reproduction and donor conception in a way that children can understand? Our experts offer advice.


Talking Truthfully About Trafficking

Adoptions By Same Sex Couples Still on the Rise



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