Table of Contents: Nov/Dec 2012 Issue



A Thousand Words

First time seeing the ocean. A summer nap in a big, white bed. That sly, signature smile. Each of these nine breathtaking photos has a story to tell (chosen by judges from nearly 4,000 entries). Yours.

The Big IF

Four writers look back at the roads they’ve traveled since wrestling with infertility.

Special Focus: Older Child Adoption

In this collection, parents share their stories of older child adoption, and write honestly about getting through difficult adjustment periods.

Gifts that Give Back

Looking for clothing, holiday decorations, or other gift ideas that honor your child’s origins and help kids around the world? Look no further! Each year AF curates a list of merchants that donate proceeds to charities that support adoption, children, or families.

Personal Essays

Waiting for  a Girl Like You

Navigating relationships with expectant mothers felt a lot like being single again, and waiting constantly for the phone to ring.

Older Mom, Growing Older

In this personal essay, one older adoptive mother of a toddler describes her feelings of anxiety about her age, and why she’s aiming to live to 100.

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: New Baby, New Traditions

Holiday rituals bring families closer together. Incorporate your new child into your family’s traditions to show them they’re now a part of your life forever.

Preschool: Little Ears

When your child is an infant, you can brush off nosy questions without much thought. But now that she’s in preschool, it’s best to get her involved.

Elementary: Keeping Memories Alive

Happy memories are an important feature of a happy family. Use these games to encourage your child to recall childhood memories, while you do the same.

Middle & High School: Relating to Relatives

Adoptive parents can do a lot to help their tweens or teens build strong relationships with extended family — starting with emphasizing commonalities and interests.

The Experts

Adoption Medicine: Piecing Together a Medical History

When you adopt a foster child, here’s what you need to know to understand how to assess and meet the child’s medical, developmental, educational, and behavioral needs.


The Downturn in International Adoption

See international adoption statistics in the U.S. over the years, and understand reasons for the decline in overseas adoptions, which hit their low in 2014.



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