Study: The Birth Parent Perspective

A study from the National Institutes of Health looks at open adoption, from the point of view of both the adoptive and birth parents.

In this study, most birth parents enjoyed their open adoptions
Tom and Judy, who hope to adopt a newborn domestically, are putting together an album to be shown to prospective birth mothers. "Don't use that picture," Judy says, taking a snapshot out of Tom's hands. "Why not?" Tom asks. "It really shows off our house." "Don't you think it looks…I don't know, kind of braggy?" Judy asks. "We don't want birth moms to think we're all about money and possessions. How about this one, instead?" Tom picks it up and ...

A major study reveals that open adoption works well for everyone involved. Hear what families say is good about the process — and what could be better.


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