Sibling Snapshots

From the first meeting to a grown-up wedding, readers shared candid photos of adopted siblings. Here are some of our favorites.


“Ty (3, Uganda), previously our youngest, loves anything he can care for and nurture. Here he is with his very favorite ‘doll’–his younger brother, Ledger (4 months).” –Ashlee Andrews

sibling photos

Ty plays with his little brother, Ledger.

“Griffin (5) said he’d waited ‘a million years’ to be a big brother. Here he is proudly feeding Preston (7 hours, U.S.) one of his first bottles.” –Heather Thompson

sibling photos

Griffin holds Preston as he gives his little brother a bottle.

“Yes, they do grow up! Here is our beautiful Russian bride, Anastasia (23, Russia) with her proud brothers, Alex, Vanya, and Eddie (18, 29, and 25; all Russia). This picture truly captures each of my children’s personalities and joy.” –Eileen Kadletz

sibling photos

Anastasia walks down the street in her wedding dress surrounded by her three brothers.


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