Table of Contents: Sept/Oct 2011


Classroom Consciousness

Finding the right school for your child is a personal, and sometimes emotional, process — especially when considering diversity and academic excellence.

Secrets of Successful Adoption Travel

You’ll always remember the trip you take to meet your child. Here’s how to minimize travel headaches, so the memories will center around your newest family member.

Expecting the Unexpected

When you adopt a toddler or an older child, be prepared to encounter some surprising behaviors. Experts and parents share their strategies and successes.

Is Adoption “Sad”?

Our children must ultimately answer that question for themselves. Here’s how we can talk with them about the range of emotions they may feel about their origins.

Personal Essays

Wearing the Adoption Cape

I used to be all about saving the world–and my kids–from stupid “adoption-speak.” Then I learned that being a mom isn’t about the heroics.

Back to Their Beginnings

For children born domestically, and adopted at birth, a visit to the hospital where they were born can help to fill in the gaps in their stories.

Great Non-Expectations

The intense motherly love that washed over me after Jack’s adoption was a shock to everyone — especially me.

India In My Heart

Our path to family had its share of twists and turns. That was how we landed at Plan J, also known as becoming parents through surrogacy in India.

Mateo’s Family Tree

My son, adopted from Guatemala, does not know his birth mother or his pre-adoption story. A recent pregnancy in our community brought this back to light.


Adoption Options May Be Decreasing in the U.S.

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Healthy Eyes and Ears

Your newly adopted infant has a lot of information to take in. Proper screening will ensure that he’s tuned in.

Preschool: Adoption in Preschool

Sometimes, a behind-the-scenes talk with the teacher better serves your child than a class presentation.

Elementary: Step Back at School

When adoption comes up in the classroom, you can’t always help your child handle it. Here’s how to set up your child to advocate for herself at school.

Middle & High School: Standing Up to Bullies

Adopted children may be bullied about their race, their family status, or just for being “different.” Help your child stand up to tormentors with these strategies.

The Experts

First Days with Baby

We’re adopting a baby, but as first-time parents, we don’t know a thing about newborn care. What do we need to know?

Handling Transitions

Life’s transitions can be hard on children. Here’s how to help your child develop his own ways to cope.

The Birth Mother Relationship

Here’s what to keep in mind when you start the process of locating a potential birth mother.



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