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Looking for a new read? Check out these blogs on adoption, foster care, and life after infertility.

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We follow countless blogs on adoption and parenting after infertility. Click through to some of our current favorites for intimate stories and philosophical musings, then share your recommendations.

Phase Three of Life

A self-described “master compartmentalizer,” Meghan has divided her life thus far into: Phase One — childhood through college; Phase Two — early career, wedding, and pregnancy; and Phase Three — her current stint as a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom to her four-year-old biological son and three-year-old foster son. Meghan also writes the “Foster Parent Diary” for The New York Times’s Motherlode blog.

TAGS: blended family, foster


BirthMom Buds Blog

BirthMom Buds is a support organization for expectant mothers, as well as birth mothers who have placed children. On their blog, several birth mothers in adoptions with varying degrees of openness reflect on contact with their children’s adoptive families, adoption reform, how they feel on Mother’s Day and their children’s birthdays, and their lives after placement. This is an eye-opening read.

TAGS: birth mother, open adoption


The Adopted Life

Angela Tucker is a writer and speaker about adoption, as well as the subject of the documentary Closure, which chronicles her search for her birth family and the many reunions that follow. Her thoughtful posts explore weighty issues, including questions of identity, race and transracial adoption, adoptees’ rights, and foster and older-child adoption.

TAGS: adult adoptee, foster, transracial


Lavender Luz

When Lori, a mother of two, started blogging, her family had a very open relationship with her daughter’s first mother. She’s since made contact with all four birth parents and has literally written the book on open adoption. Must-reads include her compelling accounts of post-adoption depression and the reunion with her daughter’s first father.

TAGS: domestic adoption, open adoption



Rebecca is an adoptee leading a new breed of “smart, young foster parents.” Her blog is filled with no-nonsense anecdotes about life as a single mother in NYC raising two two-year-old girls. Since starting her blog, Rebecca has fostered five babies, one of whom she adopted and another whom she’s in the process of adopting.

TAGS: adult adoptee, foster, transracial


They’re All My Own

When Alison and Kurt’s daughters were in their late teens, the couple adopted two boys from Ethiopia. Alison’s unique perspective — she’s a mother by birth and by international adoption and an adult adoptee — comes through in many of her posts.

TAGS: adult adoptee, international adoption, transracial adoption



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