Are You Considering Transracial Adoption?

If your family is thinking about adopting a child of a different race, spend some time answering these six questions to help determine if it's right for you.

A man holds his baby after adopting a child of a different race.

While there are no “right” answers to the following questions, you will want to think about your response to each one if you’re planning on adopting a child of a different race.

  1. Do you live in an integrated neighborhood, so that your child will be able to attend an integrated school? If not, would you consider moving to a new neighborhood?
  2. Do you have friends of different races and ethnic groups? Do you visit one another’s homes regularly?
  3. Do you attend multicultural festivals?
  4. Do you enjoy different kinds of ethnic foods?
  5. How will you respond to people who make negative comments or stare? Can you do it in a way that will help your child feel good about himself or herself?
  6. Are you ready to help your family deal with the racial bias you might face together?

Adapted from a Child Welfare Information Gateway factsheet, “Transracial and Transcultural Adoption.

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