Search Results: March/April 2011

Asian Stereotypes as an Adoptee

“The Wrong Kind of Asian”

I have confused and disappointed many people in my lifetime because I don't look or behave the way they think an Asian ought to look or behave.

Adoption leave must be properly requested.

Adoption Leave: Your Legal Rights

All about the Federal Family Medical and Leave Act: Who is eligible, what protections are provided, and how you can secure your leave.

When your teen might need adoption therapy.

When Therapy Is in Order

Sometimes, a teen's behavior calls for outside help. What to watch for and how to find the right adoption therapist.

A mother having an adoption discussion with her preschool daughter

Our Family Adoption Story

Preschoolers love hearing about their adoption when it's told as a narrative designed to inform and comfort.

returning to work after adoption leave

Bonding While You Work

Adoptive Families readers received, on average, 9.6 weeks of leave from work. Here’s how to make an informed childcare decision, and keep the transition from disrupting your bond.

raising a child of a different race

“Looking Different, Dressing Alike”

When we stepped into the next parking lot, she took my hand again. “It’s good we’re wearing our shoes,” she said. “We match. That way, people know we belong together.”

Donor Eggs

“How I Feel About Using Donor Eggs”

I have talked with many people who have adopted or used donor eggs or sperm, and they all say the same thing: “It doesn’t matter at all! This is our child one thousand percent.”

Badge for the best adoption blogs of 2011

AF Picks: Best Adoption Blogs

We scoured the blogosphere for the most funny, heartwarming, honest online reads. Our congratulations to these 18 outstanding picks!

Hearts on a counting toy, representing how many children the author has

“Everything Counts”

When you're waiting to adopt, you count each day that passes. But how should I count my daughter-to-be, who is already a part of me?

Culture camp

Is Culture Camp for Us?

What will my child learn and talk about at camp? What would our family take away from a week attending together?