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Movies about adoption or foster care can be a great resource

Adoption Films for Family Movie Night

Use this guide to plan a family movie night or two this season. These flicks will captivate your kids, and open up adoption talks long after the credits have rolled.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Feeling Left Out of a Birth Family

Our seven-year-old biological son seems to swing between feeling left out because his siblings (both adopted) have "other families" to feeling that they can't be part of our family because they have "other" families.


Birth Parents on Their Minds

Your teen probably spends a lot of time thinking (or fantasizing) about her birth mother. Here's how to get some of those thoughts out in the open.

Interstate Adoption Laws

Which Laws Apply to My U.S. Adoption?

In an interstate domestic adoption, it's not always clear-cut which state's laws will apply to the process. An adoption attorney explains how to determine "choice of law."

Using Fantasy Play to Deal with Adoption Issues

“The Therapeutic Value of Playing Our Adoption Game”

My daughter was two when I first met her at the orphanage in Russia. I knew nothing about the first years of her life, and she has no conscious memories of that time—but an elaborate fantasy life that she cultivated gave me a glimpse into how she may have experienced her early years.