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Real open adoption stories from birth mothers

Open Adoption from the Other Side

How does your child’s birth mother feel about being called a “birth mother,” about the frequency and format of contact, her voice in the relationship, and more? We asked five birth mothers in open adoptions these questions. Here are their answers.

Color Blindness and Race

Love Sees in Color

About a decade ago it was popular to say, “Love sees no color. I really don’t see that my kids are different.” I’m hoping we’ve moved away from that, because it’s just not true. We all notice differences, and, if we say we can’t, we’re denying something.

Questions for My Birth Mother in the Prison Where I was Born

“Prison Baby”

In this personal essay, one adoptee describes all the questions she wanted to ask her birth mother when she visited her birth country: a jail.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Creating a Lifebook for a Teen

One adoptive mother wonders if she should make a lifebook, even though she doesn't have many photos of his life before he came to her. AF readers respond.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Proof of Parenthood

When I take my daughter of a different race to the dentist or gym, I'm often asked to provide a document confirming my parenthood. Is this OK?

Web Resources for Foster Adoption

Foster Adoption Resources

Adoptive Families supports a year-round focus on foster adoption. These web resources provide support and practical assistance for families.

Identical twins holding hands

It Takes Two — Lily & Gillian

Identical twins, separated at birth — but raised as sisters since the day they were born — are giving new meaning to the phrase "blended family."

Family racing to get to their sudden adoption

“Two Days to Adoption”

We’d had seven days notice for our first adoption. For our second, four. Now, two. It was as if we’d been training for this moment, and we were at peak performance.