"Getting Rid of 'Gotcha Day'"

"Gotcha Day" is casual adoptive parent shorthand for the day my child came home. In this personal essay, one mother explains why this term is offensive, and better ways to celebrate this momentous occasion.

In this personal essay, one mother explains why "Gotcha Day" can be offensive for adoptees.
I could hear the whine coming closer and closer, until I could stand it no longer. "Gotcha!" I said in triumph. Another mosquito swatted to oblivion. "Gotcha" is my typical response when I've squashed a bug, caught a ball just before it would have rolled under the sofa, or managed to reach a roll of toilet paper on the top shelf at the store. It's a silly, slangy word. As such, it's the last word I'd think to use if ...

What do you call the day your adoptive child came home? In this personal essay, one mother explains why “Gotcha Day” can be offensive for some adoptees.


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