Friendships with Fellow Adoptees

Adoptive parents share whether their children have friends who are also adoptees and, if so, how the children met.

adopted children may benefit from being friends with other adoptees

On our Facebook page (, we asked readers, Does your child have other friends who were also adopted? How did they meet? Here’s what you said:

“Yes! When I know that another child was adopted, I actively mention it to my kids. I also have adoptive mom friends as part of my support system, so our kids spend time together. I think it is a crucial part of my children’s development to know there are other kids like them.” —ALEX

“Our children have several adopted friends. Our daughter even has friends whom she lived with before any of them were adopted, and they’ve remained friends ever since!” —CONNIE

“At school, my kids have friends who were adopted from foster care (and who happen to be the children of one of the teachers). We have also met several families by staying in contact with our adoption agency and going to their events. This past summer, we attended a summer camp weekend for adoptive families near us. It was wonderful.” —GERI

“My daughter started preschool this year and there is a little girl in her class who was adopted, and a little boy who’s living with his aunt and uncle who have guardianship of him. I’m not sure if you’d say they are friends yet, since they are two. We’re working on becoming good friends.” —TABATHA

“Yes! Through our daycare and our foster/adoptive support group. We meet once a month. Parent talk and the kids play. Our families ‘look the same.’ This support group is invaluable to my kids and to me.” —MCK

“There is an adoption mentoring group at our agency. It hosts a couple get-togethers a month.” —VICKI

“Before we adopted, we chose a church that has a very active adoption culture so that our children would grow up with other kids like them. There are dozens of adopted children.” —DIANA

“Yes. My daughter met one in playgroup recently, and we know three others from adoption groups. We think it’s good for us to speak with other adoptive parents, as well as for our daughter to get to meet new friends.” —JULIE


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