Letters to the Editor, RE: November 2016

Readers share feedback about articles from the November 2016 issue of Adoptive Families magazine.

RE: “Front Porch Children”

The author’s description of being a foster parent—”it’s not for the faint of heart. Your heart swells, breaks, and heals with each placement—and it is all, every moment of it, worth it”—was exactly what I needed to hear. I too wish I could save them all. Though, as a single woman, I know my limitations—that I can handle only one child at a time. I may not change the world, but for my foster son, I’m changing his.
Katrina • via Facebook

I needed to hear this so badly this week, too! Thank you for taking me out of my day to day and reminding me what’s at stake and why it’s worth it.
Corrine • via Facebook


RE: “Family Is Now”

To the author, who wonders, “What if my daughter grows up and doesn’t choose me?“, my now-27-year-old daughter went several states away to meet her birth parents. It didn’t go well…but she met the man of her dreams there. She’s now married and just had my first grandchild. I’m still the mom she calls and loves, and I truly believe there’s always room for a big family.
Carrie • via Facebook


RE: 2016 Cover Photo Contest Winners

The contest winners, older-sister sister Katherine and goofy-but-adoring little brother Sean, seem so much like my own daughter and son, who are six years apart.
Leah • via Facebook

To the mother of Aliyah and Delaney, who said “the first year is tough.”—Truth. It is so hard. And so worth it.
Karla • via Facebook

Love the photo of Nicholas. My son is the same way—always looks great in pictures!
Tracey • via Facebook

The pic of Sam and Charli, biological siblings who were adopted separately privately and from foster care, is gorgeous. What a fabulous outcome for both little ones!
Joanna • via Facebook

To Libby’s mother, who shared her emotions about infertility and how long it took after adopting to feel “This is real. Things worked out.”—thank you for verbalizing this feeling!
Heather • via Facebook



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