Webinar Replay: Growing Up as a Transracial Adoptee: What Parents Need to Know

Deborah H. Johnson discusses growing up as a transracial adoptee and what parents need to know about talking about race and adoption, finding role models for their children, and more. View the "Growing Up as a Transracial Adoptee—What Parents Need to Know" webinar replay now.

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If you adopted your child transracially, what does he or she experience growing up? How should you be talking about race and racism, birth culture, and differences in your family to instill a positive racial identity? How should you discuss teasing he or she may face at school, as well as societal attitudes and events in the news to help your child navigate a world that is far from colorblind, now and as an adult?

In this webinar, social worker and adult adoptee Deborah H. Johnson will discuss transracial parenting from a professional and personal perspective. Join us for this presentation and a chance to ask your questions.

The Adoptive Families “Growing Up as a Transracial Adoptee: What Parents Need to Know” with Deborah H. Johnson took place on Thursday, May 19, 2016, 1-2pm ET.

Register for the Growing Up as a Transracial Adoptee Webinar with Deborah H. Johnson on 5/19/16Deborah H. Johnson is a Minneapolis-based social worker with more than 25 years of experience working with adoptive families and was adopted from South Korea. She is the founder of Kindred Journeys International, a heritage travel company, and a longtime columnist for Adoptive Families magazine. Find her on Facebook at The Fishbowl Experience.

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