Search Results: March/April 2013

Readers' most treasured family photographs

Capturing Our Favorite Family Photographs

We asked readers about your most treasured photos from your trips to the hospital or country where your children were born. Here are some of the most meaningful scenes and stories you shared from your adoption journeys.

Nia Vardalos shares an excerpt from her story, Instant Mom.

“Instant Mom”

Nia Vardalos describes her first meeting with the preschooler she adopted from U.S. foster care.

Understanding teens and open adoption

Teens and Open Adoption

As teens seek independence, they rethink their relationships with all the adults in their lives — including birth parents.

Noteworthy New Adoption Reads

Read any good adoption books, lately? we asked our readers, and got an emphatic Yes! Here are your favorite adult and children's titles published within the last year, with our picks added to the list.

Would adopting older children internationally out of birth order make out family less "perfect"?

“Redefining Perfect”

After giving birth to a boy and a girl, I had what other people defined as a "million dollar family." A few years later, family and friends questioned our decision to adopt two older children, out of birth order, when we had the "perfect" family.

Digital Scrapbooking

Making Memories

Digital scrapbooking is the easy, new way to preserve your memories–and adoptive parents are leading the way!

Hooray for Heritage!

How do you honor your child's origins? Readers share what they've done, from summer culture camps or taking homeland (or home state) trips, to everyday ways to reinforce ethnic pride.

A baby in a car seat happy about childproofing

On the Safe Side

After months of waiting, you finally get "the call." But is your home really ready for a baby?