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Guide to Open Adoption

Open Adoption: A Reference Guide for Families

Openness brings great benefits to all involved, as well as some unique dilemmas. Addressing them requires flexibility, sensitivity to the birth family, and confidence in yourself as parents. Here’s how to make it work for your family.

One mother tells her open adoption stories.

Open Adoption Is…”

For our family, open adoption is peach roses, scrambling to buy bottles, and feeling out our relationship with the birth mom.

new mother talking to her father about open adoption as the new grandparents admire newborn baby

Helping Family Understand Open Adoption

Your family — especially older relatives — may not get why you are choosing an open adoption. Adoption expert Kathleen Silber gives advice on what to say.

Open adoption can create rewarding relationships for all parties

Open Adoption Over the Years

Parents involved in open adoptions speak honestly about working through challenges and keeping the relationship going through life changes.

Adoptive Families magazine

Open Adoption” Issue

The March/April 2013 issue of Adoptive Families magazine (40 pages) contains expert advice and first-person perspectives on:

  • Open adoption over the years
  • Preserving your family's story
  • Getting ready for parenthood
  • Creative ways to honor heritage
Browse more articles from this issue > This is a digital issue designed for easy reading on any device — laptop or desktop, tablet or phone. Already a subscriber? Log in to read this issue.

Adoption expert Lois Melina on talking with adopted children about unknown birth family information

The Open Adoption Family Dynamic

As more of us live with open adoption, we're seeing how it plays out in daily life — and bumping into some unanticipated wrinkles.

the author's preteen children pictured with their birth mother during a visit

“Meeting Jennifer” – Opening a Foster Adoption

After adopting my children from foster care, we eased into contact with their birth mother. She and I—a conservative, suburban mom—couldn’t be more different, and I’m glad that’s the case. The kids have a special relationship with her that they can’t have with me.


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