Search Results: November/December 2010

Answers to FAQs about adopting from foster care.

Adopting from Foster Care

Adoptive parents share how much it cost for them to adopt domestically and internationally — and how long they waited for their child — in our 2015-2016 Cost & Timing Survey.

Learn about the adoption transition diet for your child.

The Adoption Transition Diet

Dana E. Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., on introducing new foods and addressing feeding challenges in a newly adopted child.

An adoptive family with not a lot of family resemblance

The Family Picture

Grade-schoolers need to know how they connect with their adoptive families.

Two children playing a game, showcasing friendship skills in adopted children

Friendship Lessons

Expert tips for adoptive parents to help your child make and maintain peer relationships.

Leaving the nest is a big step in a teen's life

All Grown Up

A parent's role changes when a teen leaves the nest. Here's how to start relating to your child as a young adult, and reinforce your bond.


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