Search Results: November/December 2010

Answers to FAQs about adopting from foster care.

How to Adopt from Foster Care

Thousands of children in the U.S. foster system are waiting for adoptive families. Here, learn how to adopt and get answers to common questions about adopting from foster care.

Learn about the adoption transition diet for your child.

The Adoption Transition Diet

Dana E. Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., on introducing new foods and addressing feeding challenges in a newly adopted child.

An adoptive family with not a lot of family resemblance

The Family Picture

Grade-schoolers need to know how they connect with their adoptive families.

Two children playing a game, showcasing friendship skills in adopted children

Friendship Lessons

Expert tips for adoptive parents to help your child make and maintain peer relationships.

Leaving the nest is a big step in a teen's life

All Grown Up

A parent's role changes when a teen leaves the nest. Here's how to start relating to your child as a young adult, and reinforce your bond.