Table of Contents: Nov/Dec 2010



Cover Photo Contest Winners

Each one of the more than 5,000 entries to this year’s contest captures a unique family moment, and the oooohh’s and awww’s of the judging committee.

Friendship Lessons

“How can we help if our child is being excluded from his friend group? Should we help our child pick friends, or leave it up to her? Will his adoption play into his friend choices?” AF asked these questions — and more — to friendship expert Fred Frankel.

A Place to Call Home

Answers to frequently asked questions on how to adopt from the U.S. foster system.

Personal Essays

Real World Lessons

We adopted a teenager from foster care as veteran parents and thought we were prepared for what lay ahead—but our new son still taught us a thing or two.

More Than Color

I don’t always know how our racial differences affect my daughter. But I know that having a role model of the same race has been a blessing for her — and for me.

Wanting to Appear Normal

I chose our route because I didn’t feel comfortable adopting outside our race. Six bittersweet years of motherhood have taught me to look beyond appearances.

Filled with Memories

We knew it was possible for the girl we were fostering to be reunited with her birth mother. But that didn’t make it hurt any less.

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: The Transition Diet

Dana E. Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., on introducing new foods and addressing feeding challenges in a newly adopted child.

Preschool: Reindeer Games

During the holidays, spending time with — and then saying goodbye — to new relatives may be hard for adopted children. Here’s what you can do to make holiday separations easier.

Elementary: The Family Picture

In adoptive families with little family resemblance, adoptees may wonder about their place.

Middle School: What If?

As adoptees reach their preteen years, they may start imagining what their life might have been if they stayed with their birth parents — or if they’d been adopted by the family down the street.

High School: All Grown Up

A parent’s role changes when a teen leaves the nest. Here’s how to start relating to your child as a young adult, and reinforce your bond.

The Experts

Federal Adoption Tax Credit

Building your family is expensive, no matter how you go about it. For those who adopt, the federal adoption tax credit may provide some relief.

Special Needs Adoption

I’m considering a special-needs adoption. What might a referral indicate?

The Birth Mother Relationship

We just brought our newborn home and are wondering how to communicate with his birth mother. What should we expect?


Florida Court Overturns Gay Adoption Ban

Record-High Number of Foster Adoptions

National Adoption Day

Best Workplaces Updated for 2010

More Planning Needed for Post-Adoption Contact

International Adoption Update



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