Ask AF: Resources for Biracial Adoptees

The AF editorial team shares resources for parents of biracial adoptees, our best expert answers and books.

Q: Thank you for the great stories and articles on transracial families. I have a biracial daughter and was wondering about books, stories, and articles that address the questions that arise when the child is of mixed heritage. The books you listed seemed to focus on families where the parents and children were each of one single, albeit different, race.

A: Visit for links to great AF articles, book reviews, and expert answers for parents raising biracial children. Then, visit our expert audio page, and listen to Growing Up as a Transracial Adoptee: What Parents Need to Know. Review our clip and saves, especially 5 Ways to Talk About RacismCheck out our Noteworthy New Reads, Winter 2016 to find a memoir sharing the voices of biracial adoptees.


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