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Celebrating Christmas with a longed-for adopted daughter after infertility

“My Christmas Dream Come True”

When I bought the ornament, I imagined hanging it on the tree with the child I was carrying. But after I miscarried, I packed it away for years.

Setting boundaries in open adoption may be awkward, but it is necessary

Setting Boundaries in Open Adoption

In an open adoption, your child's birth parents become part of your extended family. Here are some common questions when it comes to managing those relationships.

One father describes his family's adoption from Russia.

“Four Unforgettable Introductions”

One adoptive dad describes four introductions he'll never forget— those first moments when he met each of his four children but wasn't yet their father.

One mother tells of kids overcoming developmental delays with love.

“My Resilient Son”

Dr. Jane Aronson shares her own story of adopting a child with developmental delays and reflects on the healing powers of love and permanence.

Struggles with infertility led this family to foster adoption.

“How I Finally Got Into Club Mom”

The cruelest parts of infertility? Having to attend baby showers, coo over ultrasound pictures, and being told it's "God's will" that you're still childless.

Parents share how their families celebrate adoption day

Parent-To-Parent: Happy Adoption Day

Did you celebrate the day you met your child or his adoption finalization? Do you continue to mark that day every year? What do you call it? Members of our Facebook page shared their stories.

Adoption stories

Parent-to-Parent: Was It Fate?

On our Facebook page we asked readers: Adoption stories often involve serendipity. Please share any amazing coincidences that arose on your journey to family. Here are some of your responses

Sharing Your Decision to Adopt

Parent-To-Parent: Sharing Our News

On our Facebook page we asked readers: After you decided to adopt, who was the first person you told? What did he or she say? Here are some of your responses.

Adoption Finalization

Parent-To-Parent: Time for Cake!

On our Facebook page, a reader asked for help: "Does anyone have suggestions for what to write on a cake to celebrate finalization?" Here are some of your ideas for topping off the icing on the cake.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Honoring a Birth Mom’s Memory

Spurred, in part, by my daughter's questions, I recently initiated a search for my six-year-old's birth mother. I learned that her birth mother died a year ago. Do I need to tell my daughter now? If so, how?

Sibling Snapshots

From the first meeting to a grown-up wedding, readers shared candid photos of adopted siblings. Here are some of our favorites.

Welcome Home: Our Adoption Announcements

We asked AF readers to share their child's adoption announcements, and we were stunned by the creativity shown in your responses. These are a handful of our favorites.

Our Family Snapshots

We asked AF readers to send in their most memorable family portraits, and the response we got was overwhelming. Each photo represented a story that was inspiring, fascinating, and unique. Here are a few of our favorites.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: “Hands Off His Hair, Please”

My son is African American. When we're out, people frequently approach us, and want to touch his hair. Most seem to be well-meaning, but is this ever OK? What can I say?

Foster to Adopt

“Our Initiation Into Parenthood”

Our first foster placements were a two-year-old girl and her baby brother. Their last placement had disrupted due to her primal fits. As a child therapist, I dealt with children all day, sometimes for an hour at a time. I told my husband we could handle it. I’ll get back to that later.

Bringing Your Adopted Child Home for the First Time

“The Promise of a Thousand Memories”

"Your baby is coming!" Our daughter's birth mom, Brooke, had finally gone into labor, almost two weeks late. The call came at 3:30 A.M., and we were out the door by 4 A.M. The toy dangling from the empty car seat rattled like a ticking clock as we drove along the highway for two long hours.