Information & Advice to Help You Decide on Adoption Options

Understanding your adoption options: domestic, foster, and international adoption; same-race or transracial adoption; the child’s medical background or special needs

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Webinar Replay – “Imagining Your Future Child”

Webinar Replay – “Imagining Your Future Child”

View the replay of the webinar “Imagining Your Future Child,” with Lauren Jiang, LMSW, to learn how to decide on the age, racial identity, and medical history of the child you will be best equipped to adopt and parent.

special needs adoption

Should I Adopt a Child with “Special Needs”?

Peg Studaker, supervisor of the Waiting International Child Program at Children’s Home Society and Family Services, in Minnesota, says: “Parenting children with special needs should be a family’s first choice. Adopting a special-needs child should never be a second choice because the family could not get the child they really wanted to parent.”

Deciding to adopt

7 Common Questions When You’re Deciding to Adopt

When you bear or raise children, you step into the unknown. If you adopt, you take a step further. You can’t predict what baby would come from your own genetic mix, but you might recognize traits as the child grows up: “He’s got grandpa’s ears.” With an adopted child, there’s an element of mystery: “Where did that nose come from?”