Health & Development in Adopted Children

Tracking your child’s milestones after adoption, knowing what to expect at different developmental stages, and tending to your child’s health and well-being as he or she grows.

Picky Eaters

Solutions for Picky Eaters

Food fights are frustrating battles for parents. Whether your child arrives home as a young infant or has spent years waiting for a family, you should expect food to present some challenges. In some cases, eating habits may be set in foster or institutional care, but in many cases, they are a normal part of childhood development. Here’s an overview of the problems with picky eating, and how to respond.

Adopted Gay Teen

If Your Teen Is Gay

Bruce had been a cheerful, outgoing child who had many friends. But when he turned 15, his parents noticed a change in him. He seemed more withdrawn and less gregarious. One day, when Bruce and his mother, Karen, were driving home from school, he seemed particularly down. When Karen asked him what was wrong, he said, “I’m not who you think I am.”