Honoring Your Child's Birth Culture

Children adopted from another country or another culture within the U.S. need to understand and feel a connection to their heritage. Adoption experts and adoptive parents share advice and stories about honoring a child’s birth culture.

Ethiopian Heritage

“Honoring My Ethiopian Daughters’ Heritage”

“Honoring My Ethiopian Daughters’ Heritage”

My daughters have caramel brown skin, dark brown eyes, and tightly curled black hair. They are African by birth, American by citizenship, but have always self-identified as Habesha (the Amharic word for Ethiopian).

A stack of books the celebrate diversity in multiracial families

Celebrating Diversity: Great Reads Featuring Multiracial Families

Children’s books featuring kids and adults of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity serve two purposes: They show kids that families “come in all sizes and colors,” and they are self-affirming for children of multiracial families. Here are some of our favorites, age by age.