Table of Contents: Feb/Mar 2019


Media Focus

Thunder in My Arms

Lissa Schneckenburger’s new album takes foster and adoptive parents on a melodic song cycle about the ongoing effects of early trauma and the healing power of community, understanding, and love. Tune in to read (and hear!) more.

Personal Essays

“She’s Leaving Home”

As parents, our goal is to raise independent, self-sufficient human beings. But, truth be told, it hurts like a %$#* when you realize you’ve done your job. | BY KRIS ROSE

“Almost Famous”

The day we became a transracial adoptive family was the day we lost our anonymity in our community. We’ve learned to handle the extra attention with some advance prep before going public, some choice words, and some perspective. | BY BILLY CUCHENS


How Is Parenting After Adoption Different?

Parents who were selected by a birth mother only after the baby was born share advice and their experiences with their “baby born” domestic adoptions.

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