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What’s New in Adoption and ART?

Recent rulings, research, trends, and current events that affect family formation through adoption and assisted reproduction.

Readers Share: Why We Chose Adoption

Readers Share: Why We Chose ART


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Considering Adoption

From Infertility to Adoption

Moms and dads describe the sometimes difficult journey to the family they were meant to have.

Domestic vs. International vs. Foster Adoption: Fast Facts

Should you pursue adoption to build your family? Look through these overviews of the three main routes, including cost and requirements, to get a preliminary idea of how to adopt and determine the right adoption route for you.
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The Adoption Timeline

A general overview of the adoption process: how long it take, what you need to do at each step, and when you’ll incur expenses.
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Adoption Routes in Depth – Guidelines, Cost, Professionals, and More


More Than Skin Deep

My attachment is so fierce it takes my breath away | BY JUDY RADAR

“The Reluctant Spouse”

Don’t be surprised if your mate resists adoption, even as you are embracing it. | BY JILL SMOLOWE

“An Unmatched Set”

Before my adoption, I worried I couldn’t love a child who didn’t look like me. Now, my transracial family feels exactly right. | BY JANA WOLFF

Surviving the Home Study

While the home study process may seem invasive, remember that the goal is to make sure children are placed in homes where they’ll be loved and protected. | BY LUCIA MOSES


Tools and worksheets to lead you through the process, from choosing your route to budgeting to interviewing and hiring an adoption attorney or signing on with an agency.

Adoption Options

Domestic Adoption: Perception and Reality

Adoption in the United States has undergone a seismic shift in the last 40 years. How long will it take for popular perceptions to catch up with the new, healthier reality? | BY ELIZA NEWLIN CARNEY

Understanding Independent Adoption

Thousands of newborns are placed each year through independent adoption. You’ll need an experienced attorney to guide your way. | BY MARK T. MCDERMOTT, J.D.

“Glad You Called!”

After we placed an advertisement with our adoption profile, the phone started ringing off the hook. Here’s what I learned from speaking with expectant mothers. | BY BARBARA HEREL


How to Adopt from Foster Care

104,000 children in the U.S. foster-care system are waiting for permanent homes. Could you be the perfect parent to one of them? | BY KATHY LEDESMA, MSW

“Fostering Love”

The emotional risks were daunting. But foster adoption was still the best option for me. | BY ROSEMARY SHULMAN

Adopting Internationally

Every year, thousands of Americans adopt a child from another part of the world. | BY SUSAN FREIVALDS
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Considering ART

ART Options at a Glance


ART Cost Breakdowns


Myth vs. Fact: Donor Conception & Surrogacy

A surrogate can decide to keep the baby? Egg donors are only in it for the money? Read on for the realities that disprove these and other myths.

After Infertility: The Emotions of Choosing Assisted Reproduction

You’ve spent endless energy and dollars in your longing to create a family without success. What’s next, you wonder: Do I have to give up my dream?

ART: The Legal Perspective

An attorney explains what laws apply when you build your family through assisted reproduction. | BY PETER J. WIERNICKI, ESQ.


Tools and worksheets to lead you through the process, from choosing your route to budgeting to interviewing and hiring an ART attorney or signing on with a clinic or program.

ART Options

Introduction to Donor Egg

Egg donation allows women without viable oocytes (eggs before maturation) to experience pregnancy and childbirth. Here’s what you should know.

Introduction to Donor Embryo

Embryo donation allows parents to carry a pregnancy and give birth to a child who will be theirs, though genetically unrelated. Here’s what you should know.
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Donor Sperm: Real-Life Stories

Men are often shocked, and even ashamed, when they learn they will need to use a donor due to male infertility. They needn’t be. | BY MARGARET J. VEREB, M.D.

Introduction to Surrogacy

Intended parents share in a gestational carrier’s pregnancy closely, and may be able to have a child genetically related to both parents.

Working with a Surrogate

What can intended parents ask for and what are the boundaries of the relationship with the woman who will be carrying your baby for nine months? | BY MERYL B. ROSENBERG, ESQ.

Personal Essay

“Raising California”

The rise of nontraditional families — from LGBT to multiracial to donor-assisted conceptions — led this father to a new definition of “family.” | BY NELSON HANDEL

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