Table of Contents: Fall 2014 Issue



Winning Smiles!

We received thousands of entries to this year’s annual photo contest. Here are nine of the most stunning shots—along with the words shared by proud moms and dads about what each one captures.

Parenting an Older Child Through the Testing Phase

After the “honeymoon,” a child adopted at an older age may put his new family through a series to trials to make sure their love is real and permanent. Use these tactics for making your child feel at home, and for keeping your cool.

Openness From the Other Side

An adoptive mom interviews five birth mothers to get their real stories of open adoption, on everything from maintaining contact to dealing with grief.

Double the Love

Read the incredible story of two identical twins — separated at birth in South Korea, reunited 27 years later.

Personal Essays

An Expectant Adoptive Mom

While I was waiting to be matched, I tried to step out of the shoes of “adoptive mom” and into the shoes of “birth mom.”

Prison Baby

Like other adoptees, I yearned to visit the place I was born. And now, at last, I’m headed home, to my mother country: The prison where I lived for my first year.

Two Days to Adoption

After a stressful and traumatic series of events, my husband and I were presented with a very sudden adoption opportunity.

In Loving Memory of Fisseha ‘Sol’ Samuel

Read full text of the moving eulogies given at the funeral of Fisseha “Sol” Samuel.

The Experts

Love Sees in Color

Affirm the differences your child sees by making race a part of the family conversation.



PARENT-TO-PARENT: The Rudest Comment I’ve Heard About Adoption and the Most Beautiful


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