Table of Contents: May/June 2011



Helping Family Understand Adoption

How to explain adoption to relatives who just don’t get it.

After the Bliss

For many adoptive moms, post-baby depression is a real and painful ordeal. Shelley Page reports why it happens and how to feel better.

The Other Mother

A birth mom and an adoptive mom delve into the complex — and surprising — realities of their open adoptions.

8 Conversations to Have with Your Teen

Adoption and teens don’t always mix perfectly. Follow these strategies to make the most of these years.

Personal Essays

Child Care, Pre-Child?

Many prospective parents wonder: Should we start finding child care after our child comes home, or before? Readers weigh in.

How I Was (Sort Of) Able to Breastfeed

If breastfeeding had been easy in the past, adoptive breastfeeding couldn’t be so different, or less rewarding, could it? More or less.

A Fairy Tale Beginning, Indeed

Along the way, Plan B becomes the best plan because it leads to the children meant for you. So it was for us and our twiblings, conceived from donor eggs and carried by gestational surrogates.

Look at Him Now

One year after adopting an infant girl, we adopted a “special needs” child with a cleft lip and palate. Ever since his sister was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, he’s become her guiding light.


Slowdown in Ethiopia

Examining State Use of Foster Kids’ Benefits

Is Japan an Adoption Option?

“Intended Parents are Legal Parents”

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Safe and Sound Asleep

Regular sleep techniques may not work for adopted children. Why? They’re often dealing with jet lag, unfamiliar new surroundings, and the total upheaval of everything they knew.

Preschool: Feeling Good About Race

Preschoolers are starting to notice racial differences. Adoptive parents have a responsibility to talk about them.

Elementary: Before I Was “Chosen”

Many adopted children will struggle with their feelings about adoption. It’s important to help your child understand and feel good about the decision.

Middle & High School: Revealing Painful Details

Children need to know their full stories before the teen years. Why, and how, to explain troubling information.

The Experts

Challenging White Privilege

If we’re white, we experience many benefits of unearned status because we’re “the norm.” But adoptive families are not considered the norm. Now what?

How to Explain Birth Siblings

It’s possible your child has birth siblings somewhere out in the world. Even if you’re nervous, it’s best to approach the situation openly and honestly.

The Ins and Outs of Readoption

An attorney explains how to ensure that your parent-child relationship is recognized under U.S. law after an international adoption.

Ensuring Updated Immunizations

Our medical expert explains how to ensure adopted children have the immunity they need when medical records are inaccurate, or incomplete.



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