Table of Contents: May/June 2012



Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Sleep problems in adopted children are fairly common. Here, doctors, experts, and parents share the best method to get your child to sleep at any age.

Bringing Heritage Home

To help our children be proud of who they are, we need to emphasize their heritage and culture.

Through Your Child’s Eyes

Children interpret their adoption stories in different ways at different ages. Here’s how you can help them understand it.

Personal Essays

“When Children Exclude Based on Race, What’s a Parent’s Role?”

We can’t teach our children about race if we never talk about it.

“Mommmy: I Hold the Title and Fulfill the Job Description”

For many people, being a “real” mom means sharing DNA and giving birth. As my children’s mommy, I know the truth.

“Growing the Dream of a Family”

After my dream of a family through domestic adoption had been planted, it grew in the warm soil of my backyard.

What is a Family?

Being an adoptive parent begs the question, “what makes a family?” How I helped others to understand that my son by adoption is simply my son.


State of Haiti Adoption

2011 Cost and Timing Data

Growing Up Adopted

The Early Years: Unconditional Love

Your beloved dog or cat can be a kid’s best friend, but only if it’s ready for the arrival. Here, tips on preparing your pet for a new baby.

Preschool: Childhood Fears

Conquer your preschooler’s childhood fears.

Elementary: When Abilities Differ

When one child faces academic difficulties, jealousy can occur between siblings. Family activities and one-on-one time can help minimize it.

Middle & High School: “You’re Not My Real Mom!”

In the heat of an argument, your teen screams she would rather live with her birth parents. Here’s how to handle it.

The Experts

Practical Aspects of Bottle-Feeding

Finding the right baby bottle and nipple may seem daunting. Our expert provides bottle feeding tips to help you better care for your infant.

Sharing Difficult Information

What do you say when sharing the difficult news of divorce, illness, or job loss with your child’s birth parents? Here are tips for open communication.

Responding to Bullying at School

Racial bullying is especially harmful. Here are some strategies to help your child cope and respond to racial teasing.



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