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Rethinking the Family Tree and Other Tough Assignments

School projects that focus on family or personal history can be challenging or painful for our children. Learn why, and what you can do to create a more inclusive environment for your child and all of her classmates. | BY BROOKE RANDOLPH, LMHC

Personal Essays

Bonding with My Teen in the Baby Department

My daughter came to me at nine years old, so neither of us knows what she looked like as a baby, but walking these aisles is a way for us to recreate what we both lost. | BY RACHAEL MOSHMAN

Sweet Sand

After a late-summer day at the beach led to wistful new questions, I learned that talking about adoption with my child isn’t always straightforward. | BY ANNE SAWAN

AF Picks

25 Children’s Books That Showcase Diversity

Seeing characters who look like them—and the adults they’ll grow into—in the pages of a book is powerfully affirming for our children. Here are some of our favorites to add to your shelves at home and donate to your child’s school or teacher.


Talking with the Teacher About Adoption

Parents weigh in on talking with their child’s teacher and sharing resources at the start of a new school year.


CCCWA Announces New Program for China’s Former Shared List

Top Adoption-Friendly Workplaces in 2016 Offered Average of 5 Weeks Paid Leave

Chinese Birth Parent Search Manual to Be Released




Sweet & Silly Smiles Photo Contest Winners

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