Table of Contents: Summer 2015 Issue



Keeping Adoption Open Despite Challenges

Five moms candidly reveal how they’re honoring their commitment to openness when their child’s birth parent struggles with substance abuse, mental illness, or is experiencing crisis.

2015 Summer Reading Special

Two adoption memoirs touch on topics of love, loss, and the search for identity from both sides of the adoption equation.

Personal Essays

Many Kinds of Love

My excitement over the prospect of meeting my birth mother does not detract from or negate my love for my adoptive parents.

Pink Nail Polish

My bond with my new preteen daughters grew as we learned to trust each other with our hearts, hands—and fingernails.

Bedtime Talks

Sometimes, my daughter’s questions about being in my tummy are about her birth mother and adoption, and sometimes they’re not.

Dear Mom of an Adopted Child

Every mom of an adopted child knows the sacrifices made to bring their families together.


Marriage Equality is Also a Victory for Children

State Adoption Laws Update

Challenge to U.S. Indian Child Welfare Act

Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Update

Survey Says, Americans Support Same-Sex Adoption

International Adoption Law Update

Joint Council Shuts Down



PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS: Mommy Moments and Daddy Moments

PARENT-TO-PARENT: Becoming a Mom or Dad in Your Heart

AF PICKS: Documentaries About Adoption

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