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Siblings and Adoption

Whether you create your family through adoption only or a combination of adoption and biology, adding a new family member is always a joyful event.

Here, we’ve collected the best articles from the archives of Adoptive Families on deciding to adopt a second (or third…) child, preparing a child to be a brother (or sister), fostering strong sibling relationships, parenting blended families, and more.

Is That Your Real Sister?
Creating a blended family--combining races, cultures, biology, and adoption--generates a special kind of joy.
by Barbara Meltz

Strong Sibling Relationships

  • The Sibling Connection
    Sure, they bicker, they fight, they tease each other mercilessly. But they're also creating vital relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • When Your Children's Abilities Differ
    Family activities and one-on-one time can help minimize sibling jealousy.
  • Family Night
    Family night gives parents and children an opportunity to build memories, to share what is going on in their lives, and to solve problems.

Making the Decision

Preparing Children for Siblings

Blended Families

Birth Siblings

  • When Your Child Has Birth Siblings
    Parents who know that one child was placed for adoption while a sibling was not may wonder how to explain it in a way their child can understand.
  • Unexpectedly in Sync
    My daughter formed a swift, intense bond with her four birth sisters. The surprising love I felt for them blindsided me, but now it makes perfect sense.
  • From Russia, With Love-Again
    One thing led to another, and we became-unexpectedly-twice blessed.
  • Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love
    When the courts place children in foster care, siblings have only each other to turn to and count on.
  • The China Sisters
    Two families, linked by a shared adoption experience, discover that they are bound by DNA, as well.

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