How to Talk About and Explain Adoption

Sample language, conversation guidelines, and other expert advice to help you explain adoption to your child, and answer questions from family, friends, and others.

The Recommended Post-Adoption Screening Tests

Post-Arrival Medical Evaluations

Post-Arrival Medical Evaluations

Your guide to identifying medical problems common to internationally adopted children.

A mother and her transracially adopted teen son share a moment of empathy and connection

Navigating the Teen Years, Part 2: Maintaining Your Emotional Connection

Teens don’t tend to talk with their friends about their feelings about being adopted, being teased, or other tough topics. But if you have a healthy, trusting relationship, they’ll open up to you. An adoption therapist advises on maintaining an empathic connection with your teen.

Adoption Experts answer your questions.

Ask AF: Family Interactions After Kinship Adoption

“We are adopting my sister-in-law’s teenage son after fostering him for five years. What can I say to her at family gatherings, to family who still don’t get that we’ll be his legal parents—and to my son, who hears all of this?”